Friday Night Flow & Fights: Sidney Crosby

Okay, okay. Sid isn’t exactly the first person that anyone thinks of when the topic of conversation is “fights”. But tonight is do or die for the Pens, and I’m trying to get as much luck going as possible.

Besides, not only has he grown some pretty terrific flow lately, he’s also just plain hilarious when he tries to fight.

He’s just so dreamy.

The other night, he lost his helmet in play and instead of getting off the ice, he kept going. It was phenomenal to watch (though not the smartest idea). Flow blowing in the wind, moving around the Bruins players…if only he’d managed to get past their defense.

Even Johnny Boychuk couldn’t resist it.

Sid’s fights, though…not nearly as impressive.

This one, against current teammate Matt Niskanen, might be my favorite. In fact, the only one that beats it is this beauty from last year’s playoffs versus current Flyers captain Claude Giroux:

Hopefully this series will end better for the Pens than the above one did. Good luck tonight, guys (and no fighting, Sid)!


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