Friday Night Flow & Fights: Justin Faulk

Tonight, we celebrate some of the best flow on one of the scrappiest fighters in the NHL: Justin Faulk.

Faulk can always be counted upon to have magnificent flow. He’s cut it a bit shorter lately, as we’ve seen in the all the photos coming from the IIHF World Championships where he is playing for the US (they’re playing Switzerland tomorrow at 1pm EST, for the record – you should all watch!), but it’s still just as awesome as usual.

Of course, not much is as awesome as this roster photo. Thanks for that, Faulker, from the bottom of my heart.

Look at those wings. Those almost beat TJ Oshie’s wings.

(Nothing beats TJ Oshie’s wings.)

Look at the way that it flips perfectly from beneath his helmet.

But enough about his flow. Let’s talk about his fights. I know that’s why you’re all here.

Since he’s just starting his career, there aren’t many entries on Faulk’s fight card on, but when he has them, he makes them count. This fight versus Weiss almost made me fall out of my chair. Faulk gets downright vicious when he feels it’s time, and apparently this was the time.

Can’t wait to see the flow next season, Justin, and I’m sure you’ve got more fights waiting for us.


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