Friday Night Flow & Fights: Matt Niskanen

Image(gif by christkunitz)

Okay, you can call me Penguins-biased. It’s kinda true. But I thought that since Frisky Nisky got himself into a tussle during tonight’s Pens-Isles game, it was only appropriate to give him the spotlight tonight.

Sometimes, like in the gif above, Matt Niskanen’s flow is pretty great.

ImageAnd sometimes it starts looking a little mangy. Matty. What is that?

ImageSometimes he also makes very questionable facial hair decisions. This particular one, though, can’t be entirely blamed on him, since he lost the Penguins’ monthly shootout competition prior to the beginning of the season and was Mustache Boy for the games played in January and the entire month of February. I shudder to think what it would’ve looked like had he also lost for March.

ImageThankfully, he didn’t lose and was allowed to shave that terrible thing off.

Frisky Nisky also likes to fight. My personal favorite is his fight with his future teammate and captain, Sidney Crosby, while he was still playing with the Dallas Stars (only a few short months before his trade to Pittsburgh along with James Neal).

I also felt like everyone should witness this absolute fail of a fight (on both sides) against Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins.

He’s definitely a scrapper, that Niskanen, sometimes with more success than others. But no matter what he’s doing, there’s a pretty good chance he’s gonna look adorable doing it.

Image(gif by christkunitz)


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